Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws and Cultivation License

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**Last Modified on Feb 26, 2022**

In June 2018, Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana. Since then, the medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma have rapidly evolved. Getting a clear understanding of the medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma is necessary for the safe and legal consumption of medical marijuana products.

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Latest News:

On Friday, Feb. 25, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), Metrc and plaintiffs reached an agreement allowing Oklahoma’s seed-to-sale system to move forward.

According to the Agreed Order signed by District Judge Natalie Mai:

  1. Licensed medical marijuana businesses have until May 26 (90 days) to comply with the Metrc seed-to-sale tracking system.
  2. Dispensaries have until Wednesday, Aug 24 to sell or legally dispose of untagged medical marijuana products in their inventory.
  3. OMMA must conduct at least five online seminars by May 26 to educate licensees on the new seed-to-sale system.

Possessing Medical Marijuana

As a registered medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma, you are required to have a state-issued medical marijuana license before legally possessing marijuana.

Medical marijuana card owners can only possess 3 oz of marijuana and keep up to 8 oz of marijuana in your private residence.

State registered medical marijuana patients are also allowed to grow marijuana plants, including six matured marijuana plants and up to 6 seedlings. Furthermore, you can possess up to 1 oz of marijuana concentrates and up to 72 oz of cannabis edibles.

Individuals who possess marijuana products without having state-issued medical marijuana can be arrested and face a fine of up to $400.

Cultivating Medical Marijuana

Owners of a valid state-issued medical marijuana card can legally cultivate medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma laws state that you can legally cultivate up to 6 seedlings and sticks mature cannabis plants.

Your medical marijuana card covers only cannabis plants that are being cultivated within your primary residence. Oklahoma law also permits the use of caregivers who grow medical marijuana plants in your absence.

Medical Marijuana Card information

The best way to receive a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is through a doctor’s recommendation. The state also requires medical marijuana licenses to be signed by a physician located in Oklahoma

Medical marijuana cards in Oklahoma are reserved for individuals of 18 years old or older. Nonetheless, individuals below 18 years of age can still receive a medical marijuana card by getting an approval signature from two physicians licensed in the state of Oklahoma, as well as their legal guardian or parent.

State issues medical marijuana licenses are valid for up to two years after approval. To remain in compliance with Oklahoma state laws, you are required to renew your license every year.

Caregiver License information

Caregivers in Oklahoma can legally acquire a caregiver license before administering medical marijuana to homebound people. This license makes you similar to an individual with a medical marijuana card. However, it doesn’t permit you to consume marijuana any cannabis-infused products. A caregiver license allows you to provide the person that you’re caring for with marijuana. As a caregiver, you can only consume medical marijuana products if you hold a medical marijuana license.

Applicants of caregiver license in Oklahoma must submit proof of the patient you’re caring for and their homebound status. You must also provide evidence of you being the designee of the medical marijuana license holder, as well as your age and Oklahoma residency.

Oklahoma Taxes and Fines

According to the Oklahoma marijuana tax stamp program, people who consume medical marijuana in any form are required to pay taxes. Oklahoma well also requires users to purchase stamps for any marijuana product in possession.

Currently, medical marijuana patients with stamps pay $3.50 per gram of medical marijuana. But individuals who don’t have stamps and a cart with any form of medical cannabis will pay an extra $7 per gram of medical marijuana.

Transporting Marijuana

As a state-licensed medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma you can legally transport cannabis in vehicles, given that the cannabis is well sealed out of reach. Also, the medical marijuana patient must have a medical marijuana license while transporting cannabis or cannabis products. Cannabis delivery is illegal in Oklahoma.

Exporting Marijuana

You can’t export medical marijuana from Oklahoma to any other state or country.

Laws relating to Driving Under the Influence in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma strictly condemns driving-under-the-influence of cannabis. Individuals caught driving under the influence of medical cannabis will face similar charges as someone arrested for an alcohol-related DUI.

Marijuana Compliance in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) has signed a contract with Metrc , a leading solution for Cannabis governance, to implement statewide mandatory seed-to-sale tracking. Cultivators/Growers, Processors, Distributors, and Retailers must utilize the Metrc track-and-trace system to track all medical marijuana and medical marijuana products being grown, processed, transported, tested, and sold in the state of Oklahoma.

Metrc is one of the leading solutions for Cannabis Governance and is the state mandated compliance platform for Oklahoma. Seed and Beyond, integrated with Metrc, can help gain complete visibility into every aspect of your business, optimize your business operations, and stay compliant at every step of the way.

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