Cannabis Product Recall Management

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Product recall is extremely critical to the cannabis industry as the regulations and policies change time to time which results in recalling products that don’t meet the standards. When product recall situations arise in a business like this, it causes a huge impact and disrupts day-to-day sales of a product.

With authorization comes guidelines, and brilliant organizations will adjust to make new necessities that work for them. With taxation and distribution, it’s more important than ever that cannabis industries should have a backup plan if a recall occurs, which points us towards traceability. Hazardous items can leave a major impact on the reputation of an industry that is leading in its research. That is why traceability is important to consider in Cannabis industry.

What is Cannabis Traceability and Product Recall

Cannabis Traceability is used to handle procedures like terpene extraction injection and other such complex procedures. Traceability can leave a difference in a cannabis business that turns out to keep their license or being shut down. If product recalls that occur are handled with care, this can greatly reduce the damage or impact that happens and businesses can explore more techniques to decrease defect rate. Product recall can leave a negative impact on the firm; hence companies should prepare for the consequences and also plan ways to manage it effectively.

When we talk about a Product recall, it means that the product is either affected or found to be defective . The cannabis industry is a strong and global industry in which mishaps like this can cause huge losses. The consequences may be so big that even the companies would have to shut down. Hence, you should be prepared for product recalls so that you can cover for your loss and run business efficiently.

Need for Traceability Capabilities

The need for traceability and product recall management is now considered to be a top priority in the Cannabis industry. Each of the manufacturers in the Cannabis industry must have a robust system and recall management capability along with traceability to find out the errors with the product and remove them ASAP from the supply chain. Most seed-to-sale software don’t have robust traceability modules as part of their software. Hence it is important to choose a software which can help you track and trace defective products with minimal steps.

Seed and Beyond Traceability Solution Powered by SAP Busines One:

Seed and Beyond Traceability solution has all the powerful features that are needed to find the defects and, trace and analyze every business function including Sales, Inventory, Finance, Purchasing, CRM, and Operations. This software provides all the right set of tools that are required to enable an efficient product recall management strategy along with the capabilities for a bi-directional lot traceability (forward and backward tracking), and it has features that focus on recalling specific contacts, serial number tracking etc. to keep track of both customers and the product suppliers.

Seed and Beyond’s module tracks all the batch codes that helps in tracking certain products and materials from start to the end of the supply chain.

Seed and Beyond powered by SAP Business One batch traceability ensure your business can:

  • Ensure to keep the track of certain products for their expiry date and improve the customer experience according to their expectations.
  • Inform the customers as soon as a problem occurs with a product, and recall the products based upon their batch numbers.
  • Easily identify the batches and customers which were affected by recalls.
  • Track information like a batch’s certificate of analysis.
  • Provide a quick traceability search and recalls.
  • Enable compliance reports that are based on regulatory requirements.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Product Recall

Oklahoma health authorities issued their first recall of medical marijuana products. The recall happened because the product failed to meet the standards that were set by state and the results showed positive for myclobutanil. The products were recalled as these pesticide are known to create toxic gases when they are heated. The OMMA inspector requested a lab certificate for testing and analysis from Moon Mix. The company failed to provide the certificate and had to suffer a great loss for this mistake as it also failed the product batch pesticide test.  

Cannabis products are always at a risk of recall considering many causes which can drastically damage a company’s reputation as well as the sales. Hence companies need to take precautionary measures to minimize the loss and improve the safety issues to prevent the contamination which may occur or defect that may leave great damage.


Applying precaution controls all through the inventory network, including the provider connections, quality control, and the assurance procedures, sanitary and cleanliness for the products along with accurate management counterfeit feedback, are some fundamental measures for recall prevention.

Seed and Beyond is an ERP software that has been tailored tomeet the unique needs of Cannabis business. It is powered with features that anticipate and control any product recall issues at fast turn around time across the entire supply chain. The expertise of the team at Seed and Beyond will help your Cannabis business improve quality control measures, diminish dangers and explore more efficient ways of manufacturing and testing Cannabis products.

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