A Guide to Manage your Cannabis Delivery Business

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The pandemic has made most industries rely on the delivery services to run their business and Cannabis industry is no exception. With the advent of 2020, the number of delivery services and apps for legal Cannabis products has increased multifold. Customers are always looking for convenient ways to shop and get their products delivered. With the help of delivery apps, we can expect more people shopping through retail apps than in-store.

Here are a few things Cannabis Delivery companies need to keep in mind:

Cannabis Licensing:

Based on the location of your delivery business, the regulations for Cannabis licensing would vary. Some states ask delivery companies to purchase a retail-license along with a delivery license whereas other states insist only on a delivery license. Based on the restrictions in the delivery regulations for a particular state (for eg. some states allow only delivery of medical marijuana products and not recreational), you need to apply for a license that helps you run the business in a particular state and follow the guidelines laid out by the government. The issued license needs to be handy with the delivery personnel at all times.

Track and Trace System & Cannabis ERP:

Licensed delivery companies should track all their deliveries from store to customer including pertinent information such as inventory details, customer ID etc.  and this needs to be reported to the government through the compliance systems. All delivery related information needs to be monitored and tracked in the system. With ERP software like Seed and Beyond, Cannabis delivery companies can also use the data tracked to improve operational efficiencies of their delivery, increase customer adaptability, improve customer experience and generate more revenue. Companies can gain complete visibility of their business through end-to-end ERP systems like Seed and Beyond.

POS System:

Similar to the retail POS system, delivery businesses have their own POS system to operate seamlessly and adhere to compliance regulations. The POS system will have customer identification/verification methods to ensure only legal cannabis license holders are able to make the purchases and delivery. Hence the POS system need to include features like customer verifications, inventory tracking, discount and loyalty management, customer feedback, compliant receipts etc.

Leverage Data and Business Intelligence for your Delivery Business:

With the help of data and Business Intelligence, delivery companies can improve their operational efficiency, increase their customer base, improve performance and also ensure their customers have a good experience using the app. With interactive dashboards and reports, stakeholders can identify opportunities to increase revenue, capture the Cannabis delivery market share from competitors, recognize key sales trends, and gain a complete understanding of the evolving cannabis market.

Seed and Beyond ERP software for Cannabis Delivery provides:

  • Automated delivery processes
  • Real-time tracking of delivery fleet
  • Easy to use interface with route optimization features
  • Integration with compliance systems to track information
  • Verification methods to ensure only licensed Cannabis holders are able to make a purchase
  • Integration with leading POS systems
  • Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities

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