Building a Scalable Cannabis Business with ERP Software

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Cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Cannabis businesses are trying to constantly learn ways to grow their cannabis business the right way. From cultivation to retail and delivery, every aspect of a cannabis industry has its own set of challenges associated with growth and expansion. One of the most important factors of scaling your business is to easily adapt to changing needs in a seamless and efficient manner. With the help of a robust ERP software that is tailored to the Cannabis industry, you can smoothen the transition, drive business growth, maintain operational excellence and optimize financial performance with ease.

Key Challenges that Cannabis Businesses Face:

  • Keeping track of the changing regulatory requirements of the Cannabis industry
  • Keeping pace with changing market needs and consumer demands
  • Streamlining business operations as the business grows
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Grow your Cannabis Business with ERP Software:

As companies plan for expansion, acquisition or venture funding, they must critically evaluate their operations and look for efficiencies in managing data. Growing companies are often hampered by business software systems or manual methods simply cannot keep up. Manual handling of data or using unsophisticated systems can lack the capacity to support daily tasks and are often poorly integrated, making them time consuming and expensive to maintain. An ineffective technology infrastructure can cause a serious road block to remaining agile and competitive. Responsiveness and timely decision making can be hampered by systems that cannot scale to handle the increased number of transactions generated by a growing customer base.

Hence, businesses need a robust and sophisticated ERP software that is tailored to suit the needs of the Cannabis industry. Adopting new, comprehensive technology integrates all aspects of your business including sales, finance, operations, accounting, human resources, and logistics and is critical to providing scalability and delivering value that stands the test of time. Your business must be able to adapt to business-driven changes such as geographical growth, reorganizations, and business-model evolution and still serve internal and external customers at fast turn-around times.

Seed and Beyond Powered by SAP Business One:

Seed and Beyond Cannabis ERP software powered by SAP Business One is a powerful, Cannabis industry-specific ERP solutions available to midsize business or quickly growing small businesses. The solutions support core business processes of the Cannabis industry including Cultivation, Extraction, Processing/Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Delivery. These processes also include verticals in every business – financials, sales and service, procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, human capital management, corporate services, and business analytics.

With the help of a fully integrated functionality, you can streamline core business processes. With embedded analytics and access to standard reports, the Cannabis ERP solution give you visibility into the performance of all business operations. The built-in support for solutions equips you with the methods of the best-run companies in the Cannabis industry, along with the flexibility to support your unique practices.

Benefits of a Scalable ERP Software:

  • Helps build and maintain operational excellence
  • Enables optimize financial management and performance
  • Drive adoption and improve productivity
  • Provides efficient user experience
  • Helps manage sales, products and services efficiently
  • Enables workflow automation and provides real-time visibility.

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