A Guide to Manage your Cannabis Manufacturing Business

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The second step in the Cannabis supply chain after cultivation is processing/manufacturing where the dried cannabis flower is made into finished products. Depending on the end product that is being produced, the process will be different for each Cannabis product. For eg., a Cannabis flower can be packaged directly into jars ready for sale. Cannabis extraction companies create concentrates that can be packaged and sold or turned into vaporizers, topicals, or edibles.

Products that have been modified from the original flower that was already tested will be tested for the quality again, before its being sent to retail. Most states require a sample of the product to be tested as part of the entire batch of products made from the same original harvest. These test results are then linked to the batch in the state’s seed to sale software.

Sometimes the Cannabis manufacturing company that handles production will also package, brand, and sell their product to retailers directly. White-labeling is also very common in the cannabis industry; where a brand will buy finished but unbranded products from a company and add their own branding and packaging to create products that consumers recognize in dispensaries.

This blog talks about the importance of a Cannabis ERP software for your Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing business. With an end-to-end Cannabis ERP software you can manage every aspect of your manufacturing with ease and increase your efficiency and earn more profit . With so many regulations in place, with an ERP software, you can focus on managing the business efficiently while the software takes care of the compliance part as well. Here are the different modules in an ERP software that will help you manage your manufacturing business:


Based on the extraction method your facility runs (CO2/ Ethanol / Hydrocarbon / Roto Vape) and the type of run you can easily track the status of each run, input, run attributes like temperature / pressure and processed output.


Managing inventory effectively is one of the most important part of the Cannabis manufacturing industry. ERP software can help manage inventory at each stage of processing by generating unique IDs for each item and track important parameters to gain insights on availability and production.

Quality Control

Every Cannabis product needs to be tested for their quality after production. With Cannabis ERP you can easily create samples from each inventory lot for lab testing and track the lab test results for each tested inventory item. You can also monitor cannabinoid concentrations, access lab test results, quality control reports and stay compliant.


Once the production is done, you can track the finished products as individual inventory items after packaging. You can also automate Cannabis labeling that adheres to the state and country regulations along with your branding. Learn more about Seed and Beyond Cannabis labelling.

Waste Management

With the help of Cannabis ERP software, you can track and record waste / damaged products generated during processing and maintain a separate inventory of the quarantined items.

Seed and Beyond is an end-to-end Cannabis ERP software powered by SAP that helps manufacturers run their business efficiently while staying compliant. To know more about the manufacturing module, get in touch.