All you need to know about Croptober

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The North American cannabis industry is gearing up for the upcoming fall harvest that happens between October and early November. This period is called Croptober. During this time about 80 to 85 % of the Cannabis industry’s outdoor Cannabis is harvested.

The entire life cycle of a Cannabis plant happens in a single growing season. Outdoor Cannabis growers look forward to this season and spend most of late autumn cutting, drying, curing and trimming buds. These harvests makes its way to the retail stores and dispensaries giving way for consumers to enjoy the reaps of Croptober.

Importance of Croptober:

Croptober is very significant for all outdoor cultivators because they finally get to reap the benefits of all their hard work. Cannabis grows as an annual plant from a single seed to a tall tree of about 15 feet in a span of 10 months. The flower buds are produced at the end of summer as days start shortening. Large fields are harvested and sold to retailers and dispensaries.

The CBD,THC, and other cannabinoids in the flowers come with a mix of aroma molecules called terpenes that shape the effects of each strain . This paves way for people to enjoy a month of aromatherapy. The aroma of the terpenes are very beneficial to our health and well being.

However, Croptober comes with its fair share of risks. Cultivators need to be wary of unpredictable weather conditions and rainstorms that could destroy the plants. Hence, it is important for cultivators to take all the necessary precautions to ensure a smooth harvest season.

Indoor Cannabis Growers:

While the outdoor cannabis growers look forward to  Croptober , the indoor growers are not as excited about the season. The market will be filled with products from the outdoor grown cannabis  harvests and the prices drop to a great extent. In order to stay competitive, the indoor Cannabis growers also have to reduce their prices. However, indoor cultivators have a lot of other benefits like predictable weather conditions and lesser risk of loosing / damage of crops.

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