Introducing Augmented Reality Experience for Cannabis Industry

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The Augmented Reality market has been growing tremendously in the last couple of years and is expected to grow even more in the near future. The digital experience has permeated almost every industry including the Cannabis industry. Cannabis cultivators and dispensaries are slowly moving into making augmented and virtual reality a norm.

Augmented Reality (AR) experience has promising features that would revolutionize the Cannabis industry. Seed and Beyond’s Augmented Reality (AR) solution powered by SAP can help Cannabis business owners enhance their customer’s shopping experience by providing them all the information they need before making a purchase.

Augmented Reality for Cannabis Dispensaries:

The general retail industry statistics show that 61% of customers prefer stores with Augmented Realty (AR) experience and 71% will frequent such stores. Hence a lot of retail players have started offering this technology as part of their services.

The Cannabis industry has a lot of regulations in place and so the Augmented Reality (AR) experience is a blessing in disguise for the customers. Buyers are enlightened about all their purchases thereby bridging the gap between Cannabis manufacturers and consumers. Here are some AR features that help licensed Cannabis buyers:

Know your Cannabis Product:

Seed and Beyond’s Augmented Reality (AR) solution provides customers with all the information about a Cannabis product which educates them about their purchase and helps them make informed buying decisions. The scannable interactive experience on the product provides instant display of information such as health facts, strain details and all other data that helps the buyer make an informed purchase.

Interactive Experience:

A large percentage of legal Cannabis consumers are tech savvy. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides them an interactive experience where they can view the product including 3D rotational graphics and gain more information about the Cannabis product with minimal help from the support staff at the store. This enables a limitless, obstacle free shopping experience.

Augmented Reality for Cannabis Growers:

Cannabis growers can monitor their plants in real-time and achieve maximum yields using technology advancements. Here are some features that would help Cannabis growers:

Monitor Cannabis Fields Visually:

If a grower has to check the Cannabis plants for any infestation, they would have to manually check every square inch of the land. AR and VR can play an important role in detection and control of pests or insects in each Cannabis plant. You can also know the health of your plants, monitor temperature and water levels, fertilizer needs etc. – all at the touch of a button with your smart phone or tablet. You can also track a plant’s harvest date with AR.

Optimizing Yield:

Apart from identifying infestations, AR can also help understand the properties of the soil and strain. By looking at the properties of the soil, growers can determine which strain would flourish and produce maximum yield. Cannabis growers can optimize their cultivation process and make informed decisions with AR. This will minimize losses and ensure healthy harvests.

Seed and Beyond Cannabis ERP – Augmented Reality:

Seed and Beyond’s augmented reality platform enable Cannabis cultivators to manage their plants efficiently with an immersive AR experience.  Traditional methods of Cannabis cultivation can be time consuming and can also lead to unexpected losses. Instead, the AR experience can empower Cannabis cultivators to make informed decisions and maximize yield.

Immerse yourself in a next-generation experience that will help drive engagement and learning within the cannabis industry. Talk to us to know more about our AR solutions.

About Seed and Beyond:

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