Manage delivery of Cannabis products with ease

An effective digital solution for licensed holders to gain access to Cannabis products at a click away


Automated Process

Automate entire delivery process from planning, scheduling, route optimization to deliveries without manual intervention. Gain complete visibility into your delivery operations using a single platform.


Real-time Tracking

Effectively manage your entire fleet real-time and ensure smooth delivery of Cannabis products. With geo-location tracking enabled, customers can track the delivery personnel / vehicle at any point of time .


Route Optimization

Our module is powered with an easy-to-use interface. Delivery personnel can navigate with ease to any destination and ensure that the products are delivered on-time using route optimization features.


Verification & Payment

Make sure only licensed patients can access the orders by verifying their documents and doctor prescription. Once verified, customers can easily make payments through different options available in the module.




Integrate with leading POS systems and dispensaries and manage orders, inventory, payments and delivery using a single integrated platform.


Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your delivery performance trends and optimize operations. Gain insights into your delivery success rates, make strategic decisions and ensure customer satisfaction.


Streamline Cannabis
Delivery Operations

With Seed and Beyond’s end-to-end delivery management solution, ensure timely operation from pick-up to delivery while staying compliant. Customize the app to suit your specific business needs.