Streamline your end-to-end retail operations and enhance customer experience

Seed & Beyond’s Dispensary POS (Point-of-sale) software is available in 13 languages. Furthermore, you can use the solution both online or offline, enabling employees to process and record sales even when your Internet connection is interrupted.



Our robust Cannabis dispensary point-of-sale (POS) solution helps businesses streamline retail operations including payments, sales, discounts, loyalty management etc. The interface has been tailored to meet the specific needs of Cannabis Retail businesses and has an intuitive UI that enables faster user adoption. You can efficiently manage all orders, check stock availabilities, and manage return/exchanges with ease.


Payments & Checkout

Users can browse, search and filter for specific Cannabis products with ease using our intuitive layout. The portal is fully integrated to help display the product listing up-to-date which can be accessed from any device (laptop/tablets/mobile). Perform faster checkout by creating customer profiles and loyalty programs. Apart from support for different payment methods, you can also add shipping details, shipping fee and taxes at the checkout.


Staff Roles and Permissions

Manage user access and permissions effectively using unique IDs and accounts for each employee across all stores. Create custom roles with specific access based on the information each employee has access to. Create approval processes to apply discount and taxes.



Our Dispensary POS is integrated with the leading eCommerce solutions including Shopify, Woocommerce, LeafLink, Weedmaps, Jane etc. and also with traceability systems like METRC allowing retailers to automatically keep track and report every sale.



Monitor the performance of your store with our reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain access to key retail metrics and optimize your retail operations. Track real-time inventory, predict demands, review finances, discount and product reports with real-time reporting capabilities. Track daily sales, products and employee performances and make informed decisions every single day.

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