Cannabis Cultivation Software for Producers

Track every individual plant through the different stages of cultivation and harvest, and maximize overall yield with our robust cultivation module. Optimize future yields and efficiencies and increase your profitability with ease.


Track all the plants by batch, location, created date, or strain.

Cultivation specialists can use a desktop or smartphone or tablet to scan the barcode and monitor their plants, and add mother plants as well.

Strain List

Monitor efficiency and gain key information about each of your strains.

The strain master list provides you all the different effects of a particular strain. Keep track of their nutrient profile, deficiencies they are prone to, propagation, vegetative and harvest timings, medical effects and other general data.

Clone Planner

Record and track all the mother plants and their clones by batch/location/created date/barcode.

Create new clones from a mother plant, allocate clone rooms and monitor plants in each clone room using the clone planner


Set up and track watering schedules, nutrients and pesticides for each plant in the vegetation room.

Ensure maintenance of your plants in the vegetation stage by making sure they are hydrated and protected against pests or overgrowth. Track all the destroyed plants in this stage.


Smoothly transition your plants to the flowering stage and monitor their growth closely.

Track all records including temperature, humidity levels, watering cycles, nutrient information, fertilizers etc. for each plant in the flowering room.


Make sure that every gram of your harvest has been accounted for using our Harvest module.

Monitor and analyze the weight of the trim, waste and bud of all the harvested plants across different batches and learn how to optimize for larger yields.


Record and track the weights of the final product in the drying and curing stage.

Set key dates for drying/curing processes and manage the grade of your products. Each stage of your plant lifecycle has been integrated and tracked with Seed and Beyond using plant IDs, barcode scanners etc. to ensure high accuracy