From accurate yield predictions to ecommerce personalization, leverage the power of AI for every aspect of your Cannabis and Hemp seed to sale business

Seed and Beyond is powered with a layer of intelligence to help customers gain competitive advantage in the marketplace and stay ahead of the curve


Smart Grow

Monitor lighting needs, water & nutrient needs etc. and automatically adjust the parameters with the power of AI to produce best quality Cannabis and Hemp produce . With the help of AI powered sensors, provide accurate growing conditions for your plants and avoid disasters


Smart Strains

Use AI to analyze all your stains and identify the ones that yield the best produce to help maximize your harvest. Make a significant difference to the quality and quantity of your Cannabis and Hemp produce by using smart predictions to identify the best strains that suit your growing conditions


Automated Operations

Whether you are a grower, processor, distributor or retailer, automate all your operations using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT). Maximize the efficiency of all your processes, gain accurate outputs and keep your business operations running smoothly with AI


Predict Outcomes

With access to of historical data, let AI models help you reduce risks and predict the best outcomes for all your Cannabis and Hemp operations. From predicting yields to predicting customer behavior, AI models will help you with every aspect of your marijuana seed to sale business


Smart Assistant

Conversationally interact with our platform using smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home and gain insights without signing into the platform. With machine learning capabilities and natural language processing, our platform has been built to address most common industry-specific questions


Smart Compliance

With complex Cannabis regulations that vary across state and cities, it is important for Cannabis business owners to keep track of every small change and follow all the rules. Implement AI technology to easily track state and city regulations, monitor end-toend operations and help stay compliant.


Harness the benefits of AI

Seed and Beyond’s machine learning capabilities has been designed to take advantage of the available data to continually expand its knowledge base and provide you with answers for key business questions at any point of time. With constantly evolving models, you can gain high accuracy & reliability, and ensure optimal performance.

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