Deliver high quality Cannabis products that are free of any contaminants

Closely monitor testing procedures and lab results, gain access to quality control reports and ensure you stay compliant


Lab Samples

Manage harvest batches as individual lots with unique Lot IDs and identify samples to be tested in each lot. Monitor dry weights of each batch and specify the weight of the sample to be tested. Choose from different tests like Potency Analysis, Pesticide Analysis etc. and automate all sampling needs.


Lab Testing

Reduce the burden of testing personnel by automating all lab testing processes. Record the values of test results including Cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis, infused-product formulation charts etc. and compare it with industry standards to evaluate the quality of the product.


QA Reports

Gain complete visibility into all aspects of Cannabis quality control. Gain access to real time QA reports, identify quality trends over time, monitor any deviations and make strategic decisions to ensure delivery of high quality Cannabis products to help maintain customer satisfaction. Stay ahead of the curve by identifying gaps and taking necessary corrective actions while staying compliant.

Eliminate Manual

From sampling to lab testing to reporting, avoid all manual processes and automate your business needs. Simplify documentation processes with our Quality Control module and save time and resources. Ensure complete transparency and maintain accurate records of each sample that has been tested.


Gain access to quality control reports at your finger tips. Learn more about our quality control module features and offerings.