Unearth key insights from your Cannabis seed to sale data

Analyze your data, track key business metrics, monitor trends and identify outliers with Seed and Beyond’s reporting module

Whether you are a cultivator/ manufacturer/distributor/retailer, gain a holistic view on every aspect of your business with our advanced analytics and reporting module



Track cultivation inputs, plant growth, analyze strain information, track performance of each of your strains, monitor mother and clone plants across different rooms with our cultivation dashboards and reports. Gain insights to understand and improve your yield, optimize costs and so much more.



Gain visibility into your supply chain, keep track of production cycles, manage vendors, monitor all your cannabis products and forecast future sales using our manufacturing dashboards and reports. Use these insights to optimize costs, increase productivity and profitability.



Track key warehouse metrics, manage inventory, analyze distribution costs, gain insights on consumer demand and monitor product performance by using real-time reporting and analytics and stay ahead of the curve.



Monitor sales performance of your Cannabis products, gain insights into past trends, real-time data and future trends, understand consumer behavior, track inventory and perform analysis on all your retail operations using analytics and reporting module. Increase your sales and provide enhanced customer experience with business intelligence.

Key Capabilities

Seed and Beyond uses advanced reporting and analytics for your entire growing process – from seed to sale



Seed and Beyond’s cutting-edge mobility features enables you to gain information at your finger tips and helps drive better decision making anywhere, anytime.

  • 24/7 access to data from anywhere
  • Data and Intelligence at-a-glance
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Consistent user experience across all devices

Real Time

Gain key insights from moment to moment, make immediate corrective actions wherever necessary, view the full scope of your business and stay ahead of the curve by analyzing real time data.

  • Stay updated
  • Enable timely insights and answers
  • Increase transparency of your operations


Plug-and-play your data with a library of pre-configured reports and dashboards or customize and build your own reports from scratch and gain valuable insights.

  • Save time with pre-defined templates
  • Completely customizable
  • Develop reports from scratch based on need
  • Intuitive UI and User Friendly