Our ERP software solutions address almost every area of Hemp and CBD business : from farming, manufacturing, e commerce, marketing, sales, and customer support to finance, accounting, human resources and project management. Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company.


  • True and unified picture of the business through a single, integrated business management solution
  • Instantaneous access to critical information across customer relationship, manufacturing and finance
  • Immediate notification and automatic response to important business events
  • Ability to grow with the needs of the business
  • Powerful customization capabilities that go into effect instantly
  • Quick time to benefit, including rapid implementation, reduced learning curve and low total cost of ownership.

Key Capabilities



Customizable cultivation module that caters to each and every step of your Hemp and CBD cultivation needs. Track the growth your plants across different stages of cultivation and harvest.

  • Track all plants by unique IDs, location, created date or strains
  • Monitor nutrient information, watering cycles and other important parameters
  • Track all records of temperature, humidity levels, fertilizers, water content etc.
  • Record the weights of harvests and maintain different batches of each harvest
  • Optimize yields with real time tracking and drive profitability throughout every harvest
  • Gain access to custom reports and dashboards



Streamline end-to-end manufacturing process with Seed and Beyond’s Hemp Cultivation & CBD Processing Module. Whether you are cultivating Hemp & processing CBD infused food & nutrition products, or Hemp & CBD based clothing & textile products, customize the app based on the recipe of your product.

  • Customized module to suit your extraction process (CO2 / Ethanol / Hydrocarbon etc.)
  • Track and manage inventory at every stage of processing using Unique IDs
  • Manage every step of manufacturing from extraction, refinement to finishing packaged Hemp & CBD products
  • Track lab testing reports and quality control reports for inventory samples and stay compliant
  • Track waste generated during the process and maintain records of each quarantined product
  • Track inbound hemp biomass shipments from multiple farms and producers
  • Access customized reports and dashboards and keep track of key performance indicators



Gain complete operational visibility and run a successful retail business with Seed and Beyond’s Hemp & CBD Retail Module.

  • Streamline retail operations and track sales trends
  • Provide a seamless retail shopping experience for your customers
  • Manage and track your inventory and ensure every item in stock is accounted for
  • Optimize delivery operations and improve customer satisfaction
  • Deliver enhanced POS capabilities with seamless transactions
  • Effectively manage your vendors and drive service excellence
  • Gain access to key business metrics and reports, and build retail success



Whether you are a Hemp & CBD cultivator, processor, distributor or retailer, we have a complete suite for all aspects of financial tracking and analysis.

  • Comprehensive modules to manage accounting and payroll
  • Track and manage your budgets and increase profitability
  • Monitor all your transactions and gain access to consolidated finance statements
  • Track key performance indicators like credits, payments, discounts, sales, profits and get a clear visibility into your business
  • Advanced reporting capabilities to help drive informed decision making

Quality Control


Deliver high quality Hemp and CBD products that are free of any contaminants.

  • Real time access to data
  • Manage harvest batches as individual lots with unique Lot IDs and identify samples to be tested in each lot.
  • Reduce the burden of testing personnel by automating all lab testing processes
  • Gain complete visibility into all aspects of Hemp & CBD quality control.
  • From sampling to lab testing to reporting, avoid all manual processes and automate your business needs.

Reporting & Analytics


Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities at every step of your Hemp & CBD seed to sale process. Whether you are a Hemp & CBD cultivator, processor, distributor, or retailers, track all important key performance indicators and make data driven decisions.

  • Real time access to data
  • Multi-level filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • Analyze past trends and forecasts to optimize operations
  • Gain executive overview across all your business functions
  • Pre-defined reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators
  • Customization options for all your reports

Key Features

Enterprise Solution

We are with you in every step of the way for all aspects of your Hemp and CBD business from cultivation, manufacturing, distribution to retail


Seed and Beyond’s platform is extremely intuitive and user-friendly with a cutting-edge visual design.

Advanced Analytics

Gain access to advanced reports and dashboards that enable data-driven decision making with a clear visibility across all business functions.

Security and Compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, while knowing that your data is safe and reliable. With a proactive, predictive approach, Seed and Beyond helps ensure compliance and data security

Deployment Options

Trusted around the world, Seed to Sales software is a scalable, proven solution available on-premise and in the cloud powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Available in the cloud or on-premise Seed and Beyond, and SAP brings together finance, accounting, purchasing, sales, CRM, inventory and project management. It enables you to make better business decisions, faster, improving your agility and increasing profitability.



For maximum flexibility, scalability and low total cost of ownership (TCO), Cloud is becoming an increasingly popular deployment option. Many of our customers are already benefiting from adopting Seed and Beyond in the Cloud.

  • Data security is in the hands of the vendor
  • Predictable costs over time
  • Typically takes less time to implement
  • Greater stability and continuous updates


For those who are not yet ready to embrace the Cloud, or prefer to keep systems in-house, Seed and Beyond is available fully on premise, supported by our team of SAP experts.

  • You are in control of data security
  • Greater ability for customization
  • Can reduce the initial price of the solution
  • You have more control over implementation process